San Sebastian – the michelin stars shine bright
San Sebastian in Spain has topped a poll to find the greatest gastronomic destination in the world. A panel of travel writers and food critics put together by consumer champions Which? looked at the greatest gastronomic resorts all over the planet. And they gave top marks to San Sebastian, in northern Spain, for a combination of its food culture, the range of restaurants and its qualities overall as a holiday destination.

San Sebastian beat Tokyo, Sydney, New York and Paris to be named greatest gastronomic destination in the world It beat off the more long haul charms of Tokyo, with its 67,000 restaurants, and Sydney – one of two Aussie destinations in the top ten.
While perennial foodie favourites Paris, New York and Hong Kong were relegated to among the other places in the top ten.

The food from the city was described as ‘fiercely distinct, passionately produced and on the gastronomic cutting edge’ Which? said it was looking for resorts which have the combination of fine dining as well as more affordable sites serving good, local food. But they must also be a good holiday destination overall rather than just a city for foodies. A spokesman said: “On holiday, the quality of the food you eat can make all the difference. There’s no quicker route to the heart of a destination than through your stomach. The food you eat and the people you share it with are part of what makes the experience so deliciously memorable.”
The judges, a collection of food critics and travel writers, gave each destination points in 30 different categories. These included the quality and range of food, the gastronomic culture, local markets and the general appeal of the place as a holiday resort. They also looked into the choice at every price range, from Michelin starred restaurants to budget eateries serving local produce. San Sebastian came top with 81 out of 100 followed by Tokyo, Japan with 78 per cent and Sydney, Australia with 77. San Sebastian’s ‘astonishing food scene’ was described as ‘fiercely distinct, passionately produced and on the gastronomic cutting edge.

The most famous dishes of the region are pintxos which is the local, Basque version of Spanish tapas which can include bite sized snacks of tiger mussels, foie gras with figs and grilled baby squid.

Gastronomy in San Sebastian
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