Biarritz what to do?
Was regarded a long time as “the beach of the Kings”. The coast attract sporting tourists. Biarritz accomodates several competitions of surfing during the year, the main one being “Biarritz surfing Festival”,at the beginning of July. Music festival “Fête de la musique” the 21 of june. The BIG Biarritz Fesitval from 17 to 21 of July.

Festive firework
Every year two festive firework events take place on the main beach, “La Grande Plage”, in Biarritz on the 14th of July and the 15th of August.
Biarritz has a traditional food market where local fresh products are sold; French living has a lot to do with good food! The market is open every morning including Sundays.

Pelote Basque
Several villages in the Basque Country preserved their ‘ place typique’ with all the traditional elements; houses, church, Marie, and pediment of ball Basque. Played in a reduced space, the cesta punta is the most spectacular form of the plays of ball. The summer it is the period of competition or international meetings.

Basque country
As soon as one thinks of the Basque Country, the image of the vast white house to the asymmetrical roof and the red woodworks comes in the mind. With its pretty provided balconies of the flowers. From the month of September, the walls of the houses accomodate red peppers put to dry. “Fête du Piment” in Espelette takes place on 26 and 27 of October.

The mountain and the river
More than half of the Basque Country is composed of hills or of mountains of an altitude superior of 400 meter. The mountain “La Rhune” is one of the symbols of the French Basque Country. The perfect place for hiking in the mountains.

Rafting, hydrospeed and canyoning is best done on the Nive river. You will find the best spots on this web site : or

Guggenheim in Bilbao
Do not miss a visit to the beautiful Guggenheim in Bilbao. The museum was built by the American architect Frank O. Gehry in 1997.
Visit the website. Don’t miss the BBK festifval one of Europe’s biggest music festivals.

Gastronomy in San Sebastian
Akelare, Mugaritz, Arzak, Berasategui

Film Festival Jazz Fesitval




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